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Oliver James Goodwill (born October 25, 1982)is an English actor and a musician. He was first noticed when he appeared in the Evanescence music video Call Me When You’re Sober and gained popularity on the band’s website. He is affectionately known as Wolfie among his fans.

Oliver Goodwill is the gorgeous Englishman from the killer band, Melissa Jean.

Nicknames: Oli, and Wolfie.

Born in Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, he moved to Los Angeles, to get his break as an actor/musician/and film composer; currently studying at ‘University Of California Los-Angles’.

Status: Single

Orientation: Straight

Height: 6’1″

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Birthday: October 25, 1982


Siblings: Younger brother to English actor, Alex Goodwill.

Pet Peeve: Hates Contacts. He isn’t a fan of anything involving eyes and touching them.

T.V Shows: LOST, Nip/Tuck, 24, Prison Break, Eastenders, Dad’s Army, Family Guy, Simpsons.

He played a few short films like, “Left for Shadows”, “Spades” and “Courting White” But what seems to get him the most recognition was his role in the Evanescence video -Call Me When Your Sober video- as the “Wolfman”

He’s been playing the drums since the age of 7.

Movies: Star Wars, LOTR, Passion of the Christ, Goonies, House of Flying Daggers, Snatch, and Galaxy Quest; Hitch[bad word] and Spielberg films.

Music: Funk, Progressive rock, Melodic rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Old school, Breakbeat, Soul, Armenian (He’s learning how to play the duduk), African, Gospel, Fusion jazz(–basically anything)


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Enticing Edison – Edison Chen


Chinese name:
English name: Edison Chen
Birth date: 7th Oct 1980

Zodiac sign: Libra
Chinese Horoscope: Monkey!!
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Basketball, Shopping, DJ-ing, Scratching (wtf?) , Movies, Internet
Fave music: R&B, Hip-Hop

Fave colour: blue
Fave possession: Diamond ring on his left ear
Fave things: Peace, Happiness
Hated things: Dirty, Hypocrite
Measurements: 34″, 29″, 36″
Height: 5″ 9′

Language spoken: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese
Most beautiful moment:All the time because I am a guy and guys dun need to look beautiful, just looking alright is fine for me.
Beauty tips from Edison: Sleep, rest enough, take vitamins, dress dope (huh?)

Most close people: Mother, Jennifer Lopez, Zhang Zi-Yi

Contact Address: Edison Chen
JC Group
145 Waterloo Road
Kowloon Bay
Hong Kong

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Dashing Depp – Johnny Depp


Born in Kentucky and raised in Florida,Depp had the kind of upbringing that would readily lend itself to his future portrayals of brooding lost boys. After his parents divorced when he was 16, he dropped out of school a year later in the hopes of making his way in the world as a musician. Depp fronted a series of garage bands; the most successful of these, The Kids, was once the opening act for Iggy Pop. During slack times in the music business, Depp sold pens by phone. He got introduced to acting after a visit to L.A. with his former wife, who introduced him to actor Nicolas Cage, who encouraged Depp to give it a try.

Off screen, Depp has dated several female celebrities, and has been engaged to Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryde and Kate Moss. He was married to Lori Anne Allison in 1983, but they divorced in 1985. Currently, Depp is living with French singer-actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two children: Lily-Rose Melody born in 1999, and Jack born in 2000

Name : Johnny Depp
Birth Date : June 9, 1963
Birth Place : Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
Birth Name : John Christopher Depp III
Height : 5′ 10
Education : High scool (dropped out); Loft Studio in Los Angeles, California (studied with Peggy Feury)
Nationality : American
Occupation : Actor, director, musician
Claim to fame : as Officer Tom Hanson on TV Series: 21 Jump Street (1987)

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the “100 Sexiest Stars in Film History” (#1). [1995]

Ranked #67 in Empire (UK) magazine’s The Top-100 Movie Stars of All Time list. [October 1997]

Chosen by People (USA) Magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. [1996]

Voted Empires’s (UK) Sexiest Male Movie Star of All Time. [1995]

When engaged to Winona Ryder he had “Winona forever” tattooed on his arm. After the broke up, he had the n and a surgically removed to simply say “Wino forever!”

Chosen #2 on E!’s 25 sexiest entertainers list.

Sports his son’s name, Jack, tattooed on his arm and a beaded bracelet made by his daughter Lily Rose.

Is a huge fan of Jack the Ripper.

He has said in a number of interviews that he is of Cherokee, Irish, and German descent.

Ranked #4 in TV Guide’s list of TV’s 25 Greatest Teen Idols (23 January 2005 issue).

Loves watching animated films with his daughter such as Shrek (2001) and Finding Nemo (2003).


“As a teenager I was so insecure. I was the type of guy that never fitted in because he never dared to choose. I was convinced I had absolutely no talent at all. For nothing. And that thought took away all my ambition too.”

“I don’t have a mental picture of the houses we lived in because there were so many.”

“On his daughter, Lily-Rose: “I see this amazing, beautiful, pure angel-thing wake up in the morning, and nothing can touch that. She is the only reason to wake up in the morning, the only reason to take a breath. Everything else is checkers.”

“I’m shy, paranoid, whatever word you want to use. I hate fame. I’ve done everything I can to avoid it.”

“The only gossip I’m interested in is things from the Weekly World News – ‘Woman’s bra bursts, 11 injured.’ That kind of thing.”

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”

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Charming Choi – Choi Si Won


Choi Si Won was discovered by a talent scout when waiting for his friend at the front gates of a high school in 2002 and became a SM trainee. He made his first appearance(2003) in Dana’s music video “What is Love.” Prior to his official debut as a member of Super Junior, he had several minor roles in Korean dramas. His most noteworthy role was in the drama “Eighteen, Twenty-Nine”, where he played the lead, Kang Sangyoung’s high school self. Around this time, there were plans of making him a member of TVXQ[citation needed]. However, the idea fell through and the group made their debut without him. During his training years he also went to Beijing for six months to study Chinese.

  • Full Name: 최시원 / Choi Si Won (pronounced: Choy Shi Won)
  • Nickname: Simba by Kim Hee Chul
  • Real Birth Date: April 7, 1986
  • Birthdate: 1987-Feb-10
  • Profession: Actor, Singer, Model
  • Education: Hyun Dae High School
  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Kpop group: Super Junior
  • Talent agency: SM Entertainment



  • Hobbies: Singing, dancing, watching movies, Taekwondo, playing drums, playing computer.
  • Religion: Christian – (protestant)
  • Languages: Korean,Mandarin, English

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Tempting Takashi – Takeshi Kaneshiro


Takeshi Kaneshiro was born on October 11, 1973, in Taiwan of Japanese and Taiwanese parents. This unique background led to Kaneshiro being fluent in several languages, namely Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and English. Kaneshiro spent his childhood in Taiwan. His mixed background caused problems for him, and he was bullied at school by his fellow students. He had problems fitting in, and felt like an outsider both at his Japanese school and in his Taiwanese neighbourhood. For this reason he later moved to the Taipei American School.

  • Name: 金城 武 / Kaneshiro Takeshi (Japanese pronunciation), Jincheng Wu (Mandarin pronunciation), Gum-Sing-Mo (Cantonese pronunciation)
  • Nickname: Take, Aniki
  • Profession: Actor / Singer
  • Date of birth: 1973 October 11
  • Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Nationality: Japan / Taiwan (dual citizenship)
  • Star sign: Libra
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Blood type: O


  • Family: Father (Japanese), Mother (Chinese of Taiwanese nationality), 2 Brothers (7 years and 1 year older than him)
  • Languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Taiwanese, Cantonese and English


  • Confession of Pain (2006)
  • Perhaps Love (2005)
  • House of Flying Daggers (2004)
  • Turn Left, Turn Right (2003)
  • Returner (2002)
  • Lavender (2000)
  • Space Travel (2000)
  • Tempting Heart (1999)
  • Misty (1998)
  • Sleepless Town (1998)
  • Anna Magdalena (1998)
  • Too Tired to Die (1997)
  • First Love: The Litter on the Breeze (1997)
  • The Odd One Dies (1997
  • Downtown Torpedoes (1997)
  • Ma Wing-Jing aka Hero (1997)
  • Dr. Wai and the Scripture Without Words (1996)
  • Lost and Found (1996)
  • The Feeling of Love (1996)
  • Trouble Maker (1995)
  • School Days (1995)
  • China Dragon (1995)
  • Jail in Burning Island (1995)
  • Fallen Angels (1995)
  • Young Policemen in Love (1995)
  • No Sir (1994)
  • Wrath of Silence (1994)
  • Don’t Give a Damn (1994)
  • Mermaid Got Married (1994)
  • Chungking Express (1994)
  • Heroic Trio 2: Executioners (1993)

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